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Fuji Kogyo has taken on many challenges since the time of its founding.

The origin of this lies with our predecessors, who searched constantly for the needs of users, and worked tirelessly to exceed their expectations, without being constrained by conventional wisdom or common sense.

Fuji Kogyo’s Japanese mindset—cultivated over the course of many years—is to refine our products through repeated trial and error.

The products created as a result of this mindset have continued to grow with high quality and innovation over time, and are now recognized by users, both in Japan and around the world.
We will continue to work tirelessly as we look to the future.





Omura Seisakusho founded by founder Rintaro Omura


Fuji Radio Navigation Co., Ltd. founded utilizing precision technologies


FUJI KOGYO CO.,LTD established

Began manufacturing Fuji reels, Raimon stamp ink pad holders, and expanding watch straps


Company Motto (Core Values) established


Launched Fuji reel seats

These revolutionary plate-type reel seats enabled easy attachment of reels to rods.
The design allows sand to be washed out easily even if it enters the seat.


Fuji first guide “Kabuse” released

By adopting a structure covering the ring with a frame, we improved performance in preventing guide rings from cracking or falling out.


Ryuichi Omura wins the first All Japan Sportscasting Championship


Registered the industry’s first fishing rod guide design
Launched Fuji Ceraguide (ceramic guide ring)

This ceramic guide became the “roots” and starting point for all Fujiguides.
The guide adopted a three-layer structure incorporating a shock ring that protects the ceramic ring from impacts, and a fully assembled frame with no welds.
The red shock ring and white ceramic ring are symbolic, and the guide became popular in overseas markets such as the United States even ahead of the Japanese market.


Shifted to full-scale manufacturing of fishing tackle

Anticipating the arrival of the leisure era, we devoted ourselves exclusively to the fishing equipment business.


Announced Omura’s Theory

Omura’s Theory is the “tall, small-diameter guide” theory derived and practiced by Ryuichi Omura, in pursuit of long casting performance.

Announced Jet tenbin sinker

The rig does not become entangled even in long casting, and the flotation from the three blades prevents snagging.
It is still a standard classic of casting-type fishing.


Fujitrademark registered in 36 countries around the world


Launched Fuji casting handle


Kikugawa Plant No. 1 completed


Ryuichi Omura appointed as second-generation president


Kikugawa Plant No. 5 completed

Launched Bonguide (N-type guide, BNHG)

The industry’s first integrated stainless-steel frame.


Launched Fuji Pipe Seat (FPS)

A pipe seat made from light, durable resin which does not loosen easily, and is not cold to the touch even in winter.
This broke the stereotype that pipe seats are made of metal.


Kikugawa Plant completed

Launched SiC Guide (silicon carbide ring)

Super heat dissipation, super hardness, super low friction (slip), and super lightweight.
The SiC Guide is a high-performance guide with the performance demanded of guide rings.


Launched Spinderguide (SV-type guide, SVSG)


Launched Lightspeeguide (LV-type guide, LVSG)


Launched titanium frame

A light, strong, rust-resistant, high-performance frame.

Launched Fuji Trigger Pipe Seat (TPS)


Relocated head office


Announced new guide concept

This guide theory greatly improves the performance of rods by refining aspects such as the number, position, height, and shape of guides in construction.


Launched DB guide series (Good Design Award winner)

Boat rod guide: Eliminates line entanglement by adopting an “elliptical ring + inclined frame” design.


Launched UL guide series

Shore rod guide: Eliminates line entanglement by adopting a “super lightweight” and “inclined curved frame” design.


Launched LC guide series (Good Design Award: Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Commissioner Award)

Casting rod guide: Line entanglement is avoided by the adoption of a unique inclined frame, tall, small-diameter choke guides, and a low, small-diameter tip guide.


Kazuhito Omura appointed as third-generation president


November 19, 2002
Qingdao Fuji Kogyo established


Qingdao Fuji Kogyo commenced operation


Launched IM guide series

Shore rod guide: Eliminates line entanglement and achieves superior line passing performance by adopting a “thin lightweight elliptical ring + titanium lightweight inclined frame” design.


Launched K guide series

Even if the line gets tangled up, it will not get entangled. It is the world’s first guide to feature an “automatic thread un-entanglement function.”


Mega solar power generation business launched at Kikugawa Plant

Launched TORZITE guide

Newly developed ceramic enables ultimate slim-lining and weight reduction.


R&D Center completed on the site of the former Kikugawa Plant.

We completed our R&D Center to engage in product development that will “give shape to anglers’ dreams.”


As a culture creation company,
Fuji Kogyo will continue to provide value beyond people's expectations.