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Social Contribution Initiatives

Fuji Kogyo's Social Contribution Activities

We are engaged in various activities to pass on the global environment and fishing culture to the next generation, under the slogan, "What we can do in the world around us!"

Joint project with Shimizu S-Pulse "Sports & Fishing"

Social contribution activities in partnership with Shimizu S-Pulse


Small Kindness Activities

All employees participate in the Small Kindness Activities


Eco-Cap Activities

Eco-Cap Activities to deliver polio vaccine to developing countries


Activities to pass on rich waterfront environments to future generations

Participation in social activities such as fish stocking (release) activities and popularizing sportfishing, mainly in Shizuoka City and Kikugawa City


Radio program sponsored by Fuji Kogyo OUTDOOR & FISHING

Sponsoring a radio program that communicates the appeal of the outdoors and sportfishing


Recovery support for heavy rain and flood damage in eastern Australia

Donation of $20,000 (AUD) to support recovery efforts in Australia


Fuji Kogyo's Initiatives