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Fuji Kogyo’s SDG Initiatives

Climate Change Initiatives

Eco Factories

- Construction of eco-factory for research & development of fishing tackle

- Reduction of CO2 emissions by planting trees on the site

Construction of eco-factory for research & development of fishing tackle

In 1970, we purchased 156,000 square meters of a hilly area covered with dense greenery, on the outskirts of Kikugawa, Shizuoka Prefecture.
This was the beginning of our eco-factory.
The factory facility was completed in 1981, and was subsequently reborn as our R&D Center—specializing in research and development—in 2015.
It is surrounded by lush greenery and has a preserved historic reservoir that has supported the lives of local farmers since the Genroku period (circa 1688-1703).
We take care to ensure the preservation of the area's original, rich natural environment.

A good environment nurtures better human resources, and excellent human resources produce excellent products.

The R&D Center site—which is dotted with mountains, forests, ponds, gardens, and casting fields—is both a healing space that enriches the minds of employees and a workplace where they can refine their skills and wisdom and immerse themselves in research and development activities.
We believe that it is this beautiful natural environment that makes it possible to nurture healthy human resources and create excellent products.
It also encourages harmonious coexistence with nature and leads to eco-actions that help to reduce environmental destruction.

Reduction of CO2 emissions by planting trees on site

Instead of flat land suitable for factory construction, we deliberately chose hilly land in its natural state.
This decision is instilled with a major part of our founder's philosophy.
Around 60% of the trees on the site—including those planted by Fuji Kogyo—are evergreen, and the remaining 40% are deciduous.
Grass and flowers also cover around 50% of the entire site area. Through photosynthesis in which plants use light energy to breathe, trees and flowers absorb CO2 emitted from the R&D Center and produce oxygen.
In this way, we achieve a significant reduction in CO2 emissions through the power of nature.

Energy related Initiatives

Installation of mega solar power generation system

- We launched our mega solar business in the wake of a major earthquake

- 20,000 panels generate 4 MW of solar power

In response to the suspension of operation at the local Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant as a result of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, we launched a mega solar project the following year from the perspective of supplying sustainable energy.
Around 30,000 square meters (one-fifth) of our 156,000 square-meter R&D Center site are used for solar power generation.
We have installed 20,000 panels, generating 4 MW of solar power.
This is equivalent to the annual power consumption of approximately 1,200 households in the Kikugawa area of Shizuoka Prefecture.

Ocean Conservation Initiatives

Fish stocking activities

- Fish stocking activities in partnership with specialist organizations

As one of the three priority projects of our LOVE BLUE project—based on the "fishing environment vision concept"—in collaboration with the Japan Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Association and the Japan Sportfishing Foundation, we are engaged in fish stocking activities in partnership with specialized organizations.
In 2022, we participated in the "Fishing Open Event" sponsored by the Shizuoka Prefecture Branch of the Japan Sportfishing Foundation. In addition to opening fishing sites, we also conducted cleanup activities and released fry of Japanese flatfish (olive flounder) and kasago (false kelpfish) into sportfishing areas.

On-land Conservation Initiatives

Natural and environmental conservation activities

- "Sports & Fishing" Project cleanup activities in collaboration with Shimizu S-Pulse football (soccer) club

As part of the Sports & Fishing Project—a joint social contribution activity by Shimizu S-Pulse and Fuji Kogyo—we engage in cleanup activities, including those on Waterside Thanksgiving Day.
Together with members of Shimizu S-Pulse, Fuji Kogyo employees and their families clean waterside / coastal areas and surroundings, primarily in Shizuoka.
In addition to creating a more comfortable living environment for both anglers (sportfishers) and local residents, we are also working actively to conserve and pass on the rich natural environment to future generations of children.

SDG Initiatives