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2023 AFTA TACKLE SHOW report #2

8/3~8/5まで開催された2023 AFTA TACKLE SHOWで、Fuji オーストラリア代理店が認定した3名のロッドビルダー  に対して、Fuji オリジナルのモニュメントを贈呈しました。

 Mr. Brad Job

I am so excited to be honoured with the award of Fuji Global Rod Building Ambassador. To be recognised by Fuji with the titanium ruby guide monument is something that I would not have thought possible. My passion for rod building and to be able to share my knowledge with other rod builders is an honour.
I will continue to cherish this award and look forward to further representation of the Fuji brand on its path into the future.


 Mr. Aaron McKell

I am extremely proud and excited to be appointed as a Fuji Global Rod Building Ambassador. To have my work recognized by a market leading global brand such as Fuji is a great honour and the Titanium Ruby Guide Monument is a special award. I look forward to continuing to represent the Fuji brand.


 Mr. Ben Kjorsvik

As someone who is passionate about the craft of rod building and fishing, I have always had the utmost faith in Fuji products for quality and performance. I am honoured to be recognised as a Fuji Global Rod Building Ambassador, and I am excited to continue my creative journey with Fuji.


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